Little Shop of Rentals in Yellowstone

Lake Yellowstone Hotel’s 125th Anniversary

Little Shop of Rentals costumes going to Yellowstone

Some of the costumes being taken to Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

The costumes from our Little Shop of Rentals are taking a trip next week. They will be traveling to Yellowstone Lake to help costume and celebrate the Lake Yellowstone Hotel’s 125th Anniversary event. They will be leaving next Wednesday, May 11 and returning the following Monday, May 16.

The hotel was designed by Robert Reamer in 1891. He was also a part of such projects as the Fox Theater here in Spokane, as well as the iconic Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone, Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre and Hotel Deca, and Olympic National Forest’s Lake Quinault Lodge. In April 2015, the hotel was also designated a National Historic Landmark.

As part of the celebration, there will be a special ceremony unveiling the plaque for this designation. Other activities at the celebration will include a procession of historical vehicles, walking tours of the hotel, and short bus tours of the surrounding area, all of which is free to the public.

This sounds like a fun event and we wish Little Shop of Rentals the best on this epic adventure!

Little Shop Helps A Wish Come True

The Community Comes Together

Little Shop of Rentals and Spokane Civic Theatre recently had the opportunity to help make a very special little girl’s wish come true. Madelyn has an infectious laugh and a love of spaghetti and Disney princesses.

Kearney and Selah from the Little Shop worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Washington and Alaska and The Old Spaghetti Factory in Spokane to outfit The Old Spaghetti Factory’s wait staff in one-of-a-kind prince and princess costumes in preparation to give Madelyn a big surprise.

Setting the Surprise











The Old Spaghetti Factory hosted a special lunch for Madelyn and her family on April 26th that served as a kick off for a trip to Disney World in Orlando in early May. The family was brought down to the banquet room on the lower level of the restaurant to find a table set for twenty. Excitement filled the air as family members filed in and Cherryann from Make-A-Wish spoke with Madelyn’s parents, finalizing Disney World paperwork. Madelyn and her sister sat at the head of the table, talking with grandparents and looking at the coloring mats set before them. They had no idea what was about to happen.

Granting Madelyn’s Wish


Suddenly, a soft voice called across the room, “Hello, Madelyn”.  Madelyn looked up and saw the wait staff for the first time, four servers who looked as if they had just stepped out of Beauty and the Beast walked into the room, arm in arm. Madelyn’s face lit up and she and her sister ran around the table to meet the princesses and princes. Madelyn was presented with her own tiara and Selah, from Little Shop, showed up with “Frozen”-themed dresses for her and her sister to wear for the day.

The next ten minutes were a flurry of movement and energy as Madelyn talked with and had her picture taken with each server. She didn’t stop smiling as she flitted around the room, excitement radiating from her. Madelyn’s exuberance was infectious and I realized I also had a smile on my face, it was hard not to. Seeing the happiness that such a small gesture brought Madelyn was overwhelming.


As adults, we sometimes forget that children view the world very differently, that they can see the magic of it all even when facing the worst situations. To Madelyn, these men and women were princes and princesses. She allowed herself to be immersed in the fantasy of the moment. And on that Sunday afternoon, magic filled the room that was easily seen and experienced by everyone, regardless of age.

If you’d like to help other kids like Madelyn, consider donating to our local Make-A-Wish chapter.