More Local Sightings at Civic’s Concessions!

Cultivating a Local Craft Culture at Civic

2014 has marked an incredible year for new breweries, wineries and bakeries in Spokane, and 2015 looks to be just as amazing as dozens of new local businesses set their eyes on grand opening dates. Where’s the best place to sample some of the best craft items Spokane has to offer? Spokane Civic Theatre of course!

With the opening of The Servant of Two Masters on our Main Stage January 16th, and the opening of Orphans in our Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre January 30th, you’ll have the chance to sample new local beers, wine and baked goods from across our city and the surrounding areas! Here’s just a few of the options you’ll see during the months of January and February.


No-Li Brewhouse
1003 East Trent Avenue

Mosh Pit Bottles 2No-Li is not a new face at our theatre, but their new Mosh Pit Tart Cherry Ale is making its first appearance during The Servant of Two Masters. This fruit beer with a No-Li twist has already been a hit during our preview performances.

Mosh Pit will be served along No-Li’s Born and Raised IPA, as well as four other Washington beers including selections from Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, Backwoods Brewing in Carson, and Seattle breweries Elysian and Two Beers Brewing Co.


Barili Cellars
608 West 2nd Avenue

Barili Cellars not only make some incredible wines, but they have been some of the most amazing local Spokane business owners to partner with. The Servant of Two Masters will be featuring Barili’s “Cinque”, a red wine that celebrates their five-year anniversary serving our community with Spokane-made wines!


BATCH Bakeshop
2023 W. Dean

If you haven’t been inside the new BATCH Bakeshop near Kendall Yards, you’re missing out! Come try a few of their incredible salted chocolate chip cookies or vanilla bean scones while at the show, and then make the trip over to their bakery to see their wide selection of fresh baked goods. You won’t be disappointed! We love their perfect balance of sweetness without overpowering your taste buds, and the quality is just unmatched in the area.

White Box Café and Bakery
1215 N. Ruby Street

We are so excited to add White Box to our options for specialty desserts for The Servant of Two Masters. Following in the Italian theme of the show, you’ll find both Tiramisu and Chocolate Dipped Cannoli from this popular Spokane café and bakery. They’re almost too beautiful to eat! Even better, both of these options are gluten-free, though you’d never know.

Deer Park Farmer’s Market and Bakery
412 W Crawford

While we’re expanding our bakery partners, don’t you fear! The caramel-stuffed salted chocolate brownie bites are back, and are joined with new options like dark chocolate caramel blondies and coconut cream bars!

These tasty options (and more!) are available January 16th – February 8th, 2015, during the run of The Servant of Two Masters. This commedia dell’arte is full of fun, farce, comedy, and chaos – with tickets available now online or through our box office at 509-325-2507.


Scrooge is Back!

It looks like Spokane Civic Theatre‘s ‘Ebenezer Scrooge’ (Thomas Heppler) is back with another set of Money Saving Tips to get you through the holidays!

Be sure to enter your own video highlighting a ridiculous money-saving idea to win a set of tickets to ‘A Christmas Carol – The Musical’ at Spokane Civic Theatre:

  • Post it on your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pageTag Spokane Civic Theatre
  • use the hashtag: #CivicScroogeTips
  • Enter by November 30!

Winners will be announced at noon Monday, December 1!

We can’t wait to see what you have to show us!

Greetings from Keith Dixon, Artistic Director

After several months of planning, packing, moving and general anticipating, I’m happy to say that I’m now a resident of the great Inland Northwest and am getting acclimated to Spokane and more importantly Civic.  It’s great to be here.  I’m looking forward to the new season and bringing the best of community theatre to our region.

“Community.”  An interesting word, isn’t it?  It implies so much, but to me what stands out is the general sense of belonging – belonging to something that is greater than oneself, something that is greater than the sum of its parts.  That is what theatre is: a collective effort in storytelling.  We create from disparate parts a production that entertains and sometimes enlightens; and it is this group effort in which the magic of theatre truly occurs.

It is my hope that you take the opportunity to be a part of our community, as a volunteer, patron, donor or in whatever capacity you are able.  It’s because of you and others like you that Civic thrives.

If you’re looking for that opportunity, don’t miss out on our upcoming auditions: Fiddler on the Roof auditions begin Monday, so come join the fun.  Also, if you’d like to learn a new skill or brush up on some old ones, our Academy programs aren’t just for kids.  We offer classes and workshops for all ages.  Check out all the info here.  Either way, let us know how you’d like to play a part.

See you at the show!


Sponsorship is Everything to Community Theatre

Sponsorship is Everything, All of the Time

Bringing high quality theatre and stage productions to the Spokane community at an affordable price is a huge part of Spokane Civic Theatre’s mission. And the only way we are able to make it happen is with the support of the community and our Sponsors. With the continued support of businesses and individuals from Spokane and the surrounding areas, we are able to bring theatre to a most diverse audience. At the same time, we can provide a place for actors, musicians, choreographers, dancers, and backstage technicians and volunteers a place to grow and expand.

To these individuals and businesses who value the Spokane art community and see the importance of theatre to for our region and our quality of life, we say thank you and we hope to support you in turn. Won’t you please join us in showing your gratitude and thanks to our corporate and individual sponsors? Their business is all of our business!

margot ogden

Announcing the 2013-14 Season Sponsors

Main Stage

Les Miserables – Doug & Emilie Ogden/Northridge Foundation

The Christmas Schooner – Columbia Hearing

Crazy for You – US Bank

The Mousetrap – Tickets West

The Three Musketeers – David & Christina Lynch

Gypsy – DIVCO


Firth Chew Studio Theatre

Second Samuel – Kathie Doyle Lipe (co-sponsor)

Second Samuel – Richard M Yarbro, DDS Family Dentistry (co-sponsor)

The Tempest – Numerica Credit Union

SUDS – RH Cooke (co-sponsor)

SUDS – Hotel Ruby/Sapphire Lounge (co-sponsor)

Becky’s New Car – SCAFCO



Broadway Review Fundraiser – David Ball/Sharp Shooter Indoor Range (co-sponsors)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Bob & Margot Ogden

Gala – Sterling Bank

Phase I of Spokane Civic Theatre’s Building Project

Great news ladies! Civic will be expanding the women’s restroom!

If you have experienced the long lines for the women’s restroom during intermission at one of Civic’s shows, you will be happy to hear that plans are in the works to add additional stalls and remodel the old ones. Now guys, you might not care about that, but we will be also adding on a meeting room/donor lounge. We call this: Phase 1.

Phase I (Women’s Restroom Expansion / Remodel and Meeting Room/Donor Lounge) is being designed by Dan Griffith and will be constructed by Flegel Building Contractors. The goal for completion is August 1, 2013.

Take a look at the preliminary plans...












More updates to follow in the upcoming  months.

Don’t Miss These Season to Inspire Productions

Photo by Chris Wooley

Photo by Chris Wooley


Playing now Next to Normal in the Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre. Tickets are going fast so don’t delay, reserve your seats now!

Call the Spokane Civic Theatre Box Office at 509-325-2507 or stop by the box office at 1020 N. Howard Street









Upcoming shows at Spokane Civic Theatre

  • The Drowsy Chaperone – Dazzling Musical Comedy – Main Stage – Thomas Heppler, Karen Brathovde, Mike Hynes, Alyssa Day, David Hardie,  and directed by Jean Hardie and Kathie Doyle-Lipe
  • On Golden Pond – Uplifting Classic Play –  Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre – Directed by Wes Deitrick
  • Treasure Island – Family Adventure Story – Main Stage
  • The Dixie Swim Club – Warmhearted New Comedy – Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre
  • Grease – Spirit of the ’50s Musical – Main Stage

What do you remember about Happy Days?

What do you remember about Happy Days?

We’ve prepared some trivia for you from the Happy Days TV series!


The cast of Happy Days rehearses

The cast of Happy Days rehearses on the Main Stage

Spokane Civic Theatre Academy teens are doing an excellent job of portraying the iconic roles from Happy Days so, we threw together some trivia about the TV show it was based on for fun.


Fonzie sits on his motorcycle next to Pinky during Happy Days

Fonzie sits on his motorcycle next to Pinky during Happy Days at Spokane Civic Theatre

  • His real name for Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli
  • He only let two people use Arthur: his girlfriend, Ashley, and Mrs. Cunningham
  • When ABC picked up Happy Days, they had the creator change his name from Maschierelli, nicknamed “Mash,” to Fonzarelli and “Fonzie” because they were afraid it would remind people of the popular series M*A*S*H on CBS, one of their rival networks.
  • Originally, Fonzie was a minor character and Henry Winkler, the actor who played him, didn’t even appear in the beginning credits. It wasn’t until Fonzie became a favorite of the viewers that he became a regular figure on Happy Days.
  • Fearing that he would be perceived as a hoodlum or criminal, ABC originally didn’t allow Fonzie to wear a leather jacket. In the first few episodes of Happy Days, he wears a gray windbreaker to appear non-threatening. Even after they changed their minds, he was only allowed to wear it on or near his motorcycle so it looked like he wore it for safety purposes.
  • The actress who played Richie’s girlfriend, Gloria, in the first season of Happy Days later played Fonzie’s girlfriend, Ashley… Awkward!
  • Actor Henry Winkler vowed that while he played Fonzie, he would never have a pack of cigarette’s rolled up his sleeve or comb his hair on camera and he never did. When  the network tried to make him comb his hair, he argued that it would make the Fonz look like a common hoodlum. At the last second on camera, he looked into the mirror and said, “Ayyy, my hair’s perfect. I don’t need to comb it!” which became a Fonzie trademark.
  • Without the viewers’ love of Fonzie at the end of the first season, Happy Days ratings would have caused the show to be cancelled.
  • Fonzie carries a picture of the Long Ranger in his wallet.
  • Henry Winkler was actually terrified of motorcycles and most of the scenes in Happy Days where Fonzie is riding one were shot with the bike attached to a platform and pulled by a truck.


Richie & Fonzie from the Happy Days TV Series

Richie & Fonzie from the Happy Days TV Series

  • Richie was the main character of Happy Days until Ron Howard, the actor who played him, left the cast because of his blooming directorial career. He, as well as his friend Ralph, was written out by joining the US Army.
  • Don Most, who play Ralph Malph, was originally considered to play Richie. Ralph was created for him when they chose Ron Howard for the part.
  • The actor who played Lori-Beth (Richie’s girlfriend and later wife) first played Ralph’s girlfriend. (I’m sensing a theme, here).
  • There are a couple episode when someone remarks that the little boy on the Andy Griffith Show and in The Music Man (both of whom were played by Ron Howard) looks a lot like Ralph (also played by Ron Howard). The other characters quickly dismiss the theory, but the audience knows better!
  • Richie’s favorite song is “Blueberry Hill” by Fats Domino

The Show:

The Cunninghams and Fonzie - Happy Days TV Series

The Cunninghams and Fonzie – Happy Days TV Series

  • Originally, Richie had an older brother, Chuck, who was phased out because the producers decided that Fonzie was really the “big brother” the show needed. Later, they wrote the script as if he had never existed.
  • The pilot for Happy Days (a segment on Love, American Style) actually aired before George Lucas’ American Graffiti, which is commonly thought to have been the inspiration for the series.
  • When songs like “Hound Dog” were playing on the juke box, the voice was really Anson Williams. He and Scott Baio both received record deals because of their work on Happy Days.
  • Pinky Tuscadero’s last name was take from the real town Atascadero, CA.
  • Marion Cunningham’s maiden name was Kelp and she majored in archaeology in college.
  • Robin Williams appeared as Mork from Ork, an alien who wants to study humans by taking Richie back to Ork. All of his dialogue was improvised and he later became the star of Mork’s own show, Mork & Mindy.
  • When the Fonz went to the library despite his reputation in one episode, saying “Everyone is allowed to read,” registration for library cards went up 500% that week.
  • Ralph’s parents were named Mickey & Minnie.
  • Par Morita, the actor who played Arnold on Happy Days, also starred as Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid. He taught teens martial arts in both roles.

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing this trivia as much as I did finding it. What a great show! Come enjoy the musical at Spokane Civic Theatre this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday August 15-17. Adults  are $18, Senior/Military are $16, and students are $10. Check out Spokane Civic Theatre’s Facebook and Twitter pages to have more up to the minute news about the theatre and all of its productions!