Bryan Harnetiaux


What inspired you to write Holding On Letting Go?  

I had written the first two plays in the end of life cycle, VESTA and DUSK, and was encouraged by those involved in the field to consider writing a hospice play. My own experience with hospice he was also a motivating factor.

Can you describe how it feels to see others bring your words to life?  Is it different that how you imagined in your head during the writing process?

Of course, when your first writing a script, all alone, you have a concept of each character and their intent. This often undergoes a significant, if not profound, change once a director and cast become involved, and the collaborative process begins. At that point it is crucial that the playwright become an active listener, and attempt to discover what lies underneath the words. I may not even fully realize what’s going on between the lines, as there is a subconscious element to playwriting that is often not revealed until rehearsal, when the script is fully mined. It is truly a mysterious and at times breathtaking process.

Are you a basketball fan?

I am a college basketball fan- a graduate of Gonzaga undergraduate and law school-and it’s ZAGS all the way!!


What do you hope people take away from this production?  

I hope the audience has a sense of a well told story, and that it may provoke some reflection on their part on the need to explore the fundamental issues that are at the heart of the play.




What do you enjoy most about choreographing a show?

For me, choreographing a show is about working with the creative team and actors that we have to put together movement that is creative, puts the actors in their best light, and is coherent with the story being told. The fun lies in the people you get to work with to accomplish those goals and this cast and crew has been very fun to work with.

What was the greatest challenge in choreographing A Little Night Music?

A Little Night Music is not really a “dance show”, so I feel like my job has been mainly about helping to underscore the story. I did some YouTubing for Waltz Tutorials in preparation, but mostly just tried to focus on movements that would accentuate the story and compliment our actors.

Do you have a favorite song from the show?

The music is beautiful and I find myself humming many of the songs at home after rehearsals – You Must Meet My Wife, A Weekend In The Country, Everyday a Little Death, and many of the rest.



Lenny Bart: Artistic Director of Spokane Civic Theatre, Director of the upcoming production A Little Night Music

Were you nervous going into the audition process? 

I don’t usually get nervous, but I’m always concerned that we’ll get enough people with the proper skill set to fill all of the roles. I usually get very excited, because that is the first step in the rehearsal process, which I love!

Do you have a favorite relationship/ character dynamic in the show? 

This is a tough question, because some are favored because of their humor, others for their pathos, but if I had to pick, I would say the three generations of the Armfeldt ladies. There is Desiree, the protagonist of the piece who represents the current time, her mother, Madam Armfeldt who represents the past, and Fredrika, Desiree’s daughter, who represents the future, and how she was written in as an observer, who is able to decipher the positive and negative aspects of the past and present to make clear, informed choices for her future.

What do you like about directing musicals vs. plays? 

Well, I may make some enemies here, but I prefer to direct plays over musicals, because the stories and characters are often more defined in a play. We are able to focus on the conflicts and spend more time analyzing them and solving staging issues. What I do love about directing musicals, is that it takes the collaboration aspect of the theatre and magnifies it.  We must now work with a music director, a choreographer, musicians and dancers.  All very exciting and rewarding.

Send in the Clowns is such an iconic song.  What does it mean to you? 

To me, is is a song about self awareness, and our ability to see the ramifications of our actions, and to understand the follies of our ways.  Many people who know the song, but don’t know the play often mistake it for being an upbeat song, when Desiree realizes the impact her life choices have on her current situation.  There is humor, sadness, and  truth all rolled into one song, and we in the audience are moved, and probably begin to think about our own life choices, and that is part of the power of theatre; to make us think about our world and our place in it.

Did you have a concrete concept for this show beforehand?

This is one of the few times I’ve directed a play without having first seen or even read prior to be directing it.  I have known about the show, have seen the Bergman film it is based upon, and know a few of the songs from the show, but it is exciting to go completely fresh into something.  I also don’t like to look at other productions or videos of productions, because we inevitably copy what we’ve seen, and I like to try to keep a production true to a “unified vision” based on my analysis of the script.

What is a unique aspect about directing community theatre I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in professional, community and educational theatre, and I find community theatre has a bit of all three rolled into one, which I really love.  Often times, the caliber of performer is as high as in many professional productions, and this cast is no exception.  I’m working with incredibly talented people here!   And I get the opportunity to share my experiences with some of the younger, or less seasoned performers in, hopefully, assisting them in improving on their craft. It is the best of all worlds.


Samantha Steyart- Stage Manager/On Stage Sound FX









What do you think makes It’s a Wonderful Life such an endearing tale?

It’s a Wonderful Life is a tale that most people can relate to in some aspect. Everyone has had that moment where something didn’t go exactly right or you needed help and someone stepped in to help you. Those moments are represented very well in It’s A Wonderful Life. It makes it realistic even though not everyone will know their angel. 

Who is your favorite character from It’s A Wonderful Life?

My favorite character is Mary Hatch. She has a heart as big as her husband and when she sees him struggle she knows that it’s now her time to help him. I love that she steps in to help when others are struggling to find the solution. When she helps keep the Building and Loan open by using the money for her honeymoon you see that she cares more about George than he even knows. 

Is there somebody in the cast you are looking forward to performing with?

I am looking forward to working with the children in this show. I think they will all do marvelous work and I can’t wait to see some of them in their theatric debut. I also am looking forward to working with Kearney! I’ve always seen her behind the scenes and to see her onstage will be amazing!

What makes you most excited about being a part of It’s A Wonderful Life?

I am making my Stage Manager debut with this show. It’s something that I’ve always been in awe of and having the chance to be the SM is something I am very grateful for. I am also excited to bring sound effects to life. It’s not everyday that you get to slam doors and walk in cornflakes! 

Kelsi Lynn Blaser- Mary Bailey









What do you think makes It’s a Wonderful Life such an endearing tale? 

I think that the family element of It’s a Wonderful Life is what makes the story so endearing. I think Mary and the children really ground George and give him a heart that he wouldn’t otherwise have. I think George’s family makes his story much more relatable and lovable.

Who is your favorite character from It’s A Wonderful Life

Everyone loves George and Mary and Zuzu, but I’m personally very fond of Uncle Billy. I think his heart is a little too big and his brain is a little too small and it makes him a different kind of lovable.

Is there somebody in the cast you are looking forward to performing with? 

This cast is full of lovely people who I’m excited to perform with! I always am excited to get to perform with Chris Taylor and it will be a blast to be the Mary to his George.

 What makes you most excited about being a part of It’s A Wonderful Life 

I am most excited to do a new style of show. I’ve never done a radio show before I think it will be a new and exciting experience for me! I also am excited to work with Lenny Bart for the first time since he was officially hired as Artistic Director. 

Chris Taylor- George Bailey









What do you think makes It’s a Wonderful Life such an endearing tale?

It speaks to the conflicts that all of us go through. We want to be more than we are, but never want to dishonor where we came from.

 Who is your favorite character from It’s A Wonderful Life?

George 🙂

Is there somebody in the cast you are looking forward to performing with?

Lucy Paine. She is the cutest.

 What makes you most excited about being a part of It’s A Wonderful Life

There’s a great cast in place. It will be a privlidge….privledge…priv…<that word to work with them.

Gary Pierce- Clarence









So what do I think makes It’s a Wonderful Life such an endearing Tale?

Rediscovering that you matter in this life.

Who is my favorite character?


Who am I looking forward to performing with?

Chris Taylor.

What makes me excited about being part of It’s a Wonderful Life?

The story,the caricatures, the Cast!!!

An Exciting New Partnership!

The Montvale Hotel, Hotel Ruby, and Hotel Ruby 2 are now Spokane Civic Theatre’s Official Hotels. They are sponsoring our upcoming production of The Taming of the Shrew (May 2017). Not only that, but they are offering anyone with tickets to a Spokane Civic Theatre show 15% off of their entire stay!

We’d like to thank them for their generosity and heavy investment in Spokane’s entertainment scene. We hope that you will support and recommend hospitable local businesses:

Montvale Hotel
1005 West 1st Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 747-1919

Montvale Hotel Logo

Hotel Ruby
901 West 1st Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 747-1041

Hotel Ruby Logo

Hotel Ruby 2
123 South Post Street
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 838-8504

OUTSpoken Reviews ‘Sordid Lives’!

Thanks to the OUTSpoken guys for coming to see Sordid Lives this weekend! Hear what they had to say, then get your tickets! 

*Edit: Shows are on Thursdays thru Sundays each week. We do not hold Wednesday performances for our Studio Productions.

[Audio Credit: OUTSpoken/ARU: a Creative Company ]

Audience Note: This production is Rated-R and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Spokane Civic Theatre Announces 2016-17 Directors

Spokane Civic Theatre embarks on its 70th year with a captivating collection of productions fit for a platinum anniversary season!  To bring these titles to life, some of the region’s favorite directors have been enlisted to bring their unique skillsets to Civic:


  • Disney’s Beauty and the Beast  (Sept 9 – Oct 9, 2016)
    • Directed by Keith Dixon
    • Music Direction by Carolyn Jess
  • A Streetcar Named Desire (Oct 28 – Nov 13, 2016)
    • Directed by Troy Nickerson
  • Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings (Nov 25 – Dec 18, 2016)
    • Directed by Kathie Doyle-Lipe
    • Music Direction by Chris Beazer
  • A Little Night Music (Feb 10 – Mar 5, 2017)
    • Directed by Keith Dixon
    • Music Direction by Henry McNulty
  • Noises Off!  (Mar 31 – Apr 23, 2017)
    • Directed by Bill Marlowe
  • Kiss Me, Kate (May 19 – June 11, 2017)
    • Directed by Melody Deatherage
    • Music Direction by Henry McNulty


  • The Rocky Horror Show (Oct 14 – Nov 5, 2016)
    • Directed by Lance Babbitt
    • Music Direction by Henry McNulty
  • Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike (Jan 27 – Feb 19, 2017)
    • Directed by Heather McHenry-Kroetch
  • Holding On~Letting Go (Mar 17 – Apr 9, 2017)
    • Directed by Jack Delehanty
  • The Taming of the Shrew (Apr 28 – May 21, 2017)
    • Directed by David Baker


  • Disney’s High School Musical (July 24 – Aug. 2, 2015)

Our 2016 Summer Academy Musical will be Disney’s High School Musical. This camp, for students aged 13-18, is holding auditions May 23, 24, and 25, and isdirected by Andrew Ware Lewis, with music direction by Drew Olsen, and choreographed by Hannah Farley. Tickets for this production are not part of our season subscription and will go on sale June 1, 2016.

Audition dates for each of the productions above will be available on Spokane Civic Theatre’s website mid-March 2016 at .

Purchasing 2016-17 Tickets:

All regular single tickets go on sale Friday, July 1 at Spokane Civic Theatre’s box office, and at all TicketsWest locations.

A brand-new Early Bird Subscription program is in place now until Friday, February 26, 2016 with large discounts on ticket packages. More information can be gathered from Spokane Civic Theatre’s box office Monday – Friday 12pm – 6pm at 1020 N Howard Street in Spokane, or at 509-325-2507.

Regularly-priced Season Subscriptions will begin Saturday, February 27, 2016. Please check Spokane Civic Theatre’s website for more details.


The mission of Spokane Civic Theatre is to foster and operate a volunteer live community theatre of high artistic merit. 


Contact: Spokane Civic Theatre, 509-325-2507

Miranda Larson, Marketing and Communications Manager

“Easter Egg” Poster Contest: “Evil Dead: the Musical”

Evil Dead: the Musical is playing now in our Studio Theatre here at Spokane Civic Theatre. Directed by Troy Nickerson and Heather McHenry-Kroetch, this rated R show is full of camp, blood, off-color language, and really bad puns – it’s awesome!

No Tricks, Just Treats

Dates for the run are quickly selling out, so we’ve come up with a way for you to win a pair of tickets to Evil Dead by playing a little game – don’t worry, it’ll be fun!

In our poster for this show, we have a hidden element, such as an item from the show, a message, joke, word or phrase (these pieces are often referred to as an easter egg) and if you tell us what it is, we’ll enter your name into our Ticket Drawing! We have one set of tickets to give away each weekend of the run (now through 11/15/15), and we’ll draw one name each Thursday by noon, so the winner can join us that weekend!

Evil Dead Poster

Evil Dead: the Musical poster

2015-16 Season Artwork by Design Spike

How to Win

  1. Take a close look at our Evil Dead: the Musical poster (above) to find the hidden element.
  2. Contact us to submit your answer, first and last name, phone number, and email address in one of the following ways:
    1. Stop by the box office at 1020 N Howard Street, Monday-Friday Noon-6pm
    2. Call the box office at 509-325-2507, Monday-Friday Noon-6pm
    3. Email us:
    4. Send us a private message through Facebook
  3. Your name will be entered into our drawing for one pair of tickets.
    1. Drawings will happen by noon on the following dates:
      • Thursday, 10/22 for our Sunday, 10/25 2pm show
      • Thursday, 10/29 for our Saturday, 10/31 (Halloween) 7:30pm show
      • Thursday, 11/05 for our Friday, 11/06 7:30pm show
      • and Thursday, 11/12 for our Friday 11/13 (Friday the 13!) 7:30pm show
    2. One entry per person, please.
    3. Entries for the week will be taken until 11:15am on the date of the drawing.
  4. A member of Spokane Civic Theatre’s staff will randomly select one name out of the drawing bin.
  5. Winners will be contacted by phone and announced via social media.
  6. Winners must contact the box office by 5pm on the day of the drawing. If winnings are unclaimed by drawing day at 5pm, a new winner will be chosen.

Remember not to give the answer away! Each entry will stay in the drawing bin through the duration of the contest – so if you don’t win the first week, you can still win in a later week!

Happy Hunting!