2017-2018 Season Announcement Party



January 20, 2017
Free Admission
Spokane Civic Theatre

5:00 PM- Doors open for drinks, catering by Charley’s, and mingling with members of the Spokane theatre community in the lobby.
6:00 PM- 2017-2018 season announcement presentation in the auditorium.
Hang out in the Lobby after the announcement for more drinks and to learn about all the opportunities we have here at the theatre including: Volunteering front of house, in costuming, with set design and building; Sponsorship; The Academy; Directing and production opportunities!

Performances by:
Abbey Crawford
Jim Swoboda
Patrick McHenry-Kroetch
The cast of “The Rocky Horror Show”
d more!

Pre-order your 2017-2018 Season Subscription at the party, and receive $10 in Civic Swag to use to concessions! They wont be for sale again until March 2017!

Please RSVP here, so we can get an idea of how many people to except

Also check out the Facebook Event Page

2016-17 Studio Season Artwork!

And here is the artwork for the 2016-17 Firth J Chew Studio Season! All the artwork was created by local artist and designer, Zac Jones!

Be sure to stop by the theatre, or check your mailbox, for a season brochure! All tickets go on sale July 1! The 2016-17 Season is sponsored by The Local Offices of Edward Jones, and the Studio Season is sponsored by Numerica Credit Union.

October 14 – November 5, 2016
Rating: R
Music Direction by HENRY MCNULTY


January 27 – February 19, 2017
Rating: PG-13


March 17 – April 9, 2017
Rating: PG-13


Sponsored by Hotel Ruby and Montvale Hotel
April 28 – May 21
Rating: PG
Directed by DAVID BAKER

“Orphans” at Nationals: Billy Hultquist

The Orphans Trek to Michigan

The Orphans company is settled in for their week at the AACTFest 15 Nationals competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan – and this morning, they kick off the performance festivities by presenting very first!

Update from the Road: Billy Hultquist

Billy Hultquist, who plays Treat in our production, sent us some photos and a message from the road, to help give the community an idea of what they’ve been up to, and what this experience means to him.

Here’s what Billy had to say:


The Actors’ View. Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

This is our view to the audience at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

We had our tech rehearsal today and it went extremely well.  We are ready to kick this festival off!!

The one thing I am in constant reminder of is the unbelievable generosity of the Spokane community.  Not only are we here representing Spokane Civic Theatre, but we are representing all of our friends, family and most of all, Spokane, WA!

This once in a lifetime opportunity is only getting better and better by every passing minute and I am so grateful for this chance to be able to do what I love not only for myself and my family, but for everyone who has believed in me from the start. Troy Nickerson, Kevin Kuban, Chris Wooley, Toni Cummins, Susan Hardie, Heather McHenry-Kroetch, Janelle Frisque, Dawn Taylor Reinhardt, George Green, and Marianne McLaughlin to name the directors that have given me a chance to shine.

And to my two boys, Taylor and Cody… if you want something bad enough GO GET IT!!!  Ignore the haters because despite what they may say… Dreams Can Come True!!!

I love you all and hope to make you proud.

Goodnight from Grand Rapids!!


Here are two more photos we received from the road:

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Lobby

Inside the lovely Grand Rapids Civic Theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Billy at Nationals

Billy Hultquist prepares for tech rehearsal at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.


Little Shop Helps A Wish Come True

The Community Comes Together

Little Shop of Rentals and Spokane Civic Theatre recently had the opportunity to help make a very special little girl’s wish come true. Madelyn has an infectious laugh and a love of spaghetti and Disney princesses.

Kearney and Selah from the Little Shop worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Washington and Alaska and The Old Spaghetti Factory in Spokane to outfit The Old Spaghetti Factory’s wait staff in one-of-a-kind prince and princess costumes in preparation to give Madelyn a big surprise.

Setting the Surprise











The Old Spaghetti Factory hosted a special lunch for Madelyn and her family on April 26th that served as a kick off for a trip to Disney World in Orlando in early May. The family was brought down to the banquet room on the lower level of the restaurant to find a table set for twenty. Excitement filled the air as family members filed in and Cherryann from Make-A-Wish spoke with Madelyn’s parents, finalizing Disney World paperwork. Madelyn and her sister sat at the head of the table, talking with grandparents and looking at the coloring mats set before them. They had no idea what was about to happen.

Granting Madelyn’s Wish


Suddenly, a soft voice called across the room, “Hello, Madelyn”.  Madelyn looked up and saw the wait staff for the first time, four servers who looked as if they had just stepped out of Beauty and the Beast walked into the room, arm in arm. Madelyn’s face lit up and she and her sister ran around the table to meet the princesses and princes. Madelyn was presented with her own tiara and Selah, from Little Shop, showed up with “Frozen”-themed dresses for her and her sister to wear for the day.

The next ten minutes were a flurry of movement and energy as Madelyn talked with and had her picture taken with each server. She didn’t stop smiling as she flitted around the room, excitement radiating from her. Madelyn’s exuberance was infectious and I realized I also had a smile on my face, it was hard not to. Seeing the happiness that such a small gesture brought Madelyn was overwhelming.


As adults, we sometimes forget that children view the world very differently, that they can see the magic of it all even when facing the worst situations. To Madelyn, these men and women were princes and princesses. She allowed herself to be immersed in the fantasy of the moment. And on that Sunday afternoon, magic filled the room that was easily seen and experienced by everyone, regardless of age.

If you’d like to help other kids like Madelyn, consider donating to our local Make-A-Wish chapter.

SPECIAL EVENT: Civic and Clarion Brass do Christmas at the Bing!

Christmas at Bing Art Pack FINAL-03



Friends Of the Bing with the Bing Crosby Theater and Spokane Civic Theatre are teaming up for a night of Christmas cheer and generous giving, in an effort to fundraise and increase programming at both theater venues. “Christmas at the Bing” on Sunday, December 21st at 7:30 P.M. at the Bing, will feature a variety of talented musicians, vocalists, and other performers sponsored in part by Washington Trust Bank and The Fletcher Agency.

Entertainment Spokane’s Ed Clark will host and emcee the event.

Clarion Brass Choir

Spokane’s “Clarion” is one of the world’s top brass choirs, and in its two decades it has helped to define what a large brass ensemble should be. Clarion is comprised of twelve brass players and a percussionist who formed to explore the versatility of this instrumental combination by performing everything from serious chamber works to jazz and popular music. Their vision has always been to push the brass choir envelope by trying new things while maintaining the highest possible musical standards.

William Berry, winner of the 2003 Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship for Music, is founder and artistic director of Clarion, which has been performing since 1992. Berry writes and arranges Clarion’s music.In 2000, Clarion recorded “Nutcracker Suite Dreams”, and released a second recording in 2003, “Angels”, an original cantata by William Berry for two choruses, brass, percussion, and organ. Clarion’s 2005 recording, “A Partridge in a Pear Tree”, is a sequel to NSD with more original takes on Holiday music.

“…Virtuosic, musically fascinating and wildly fun.” 
Ann Le Bar,  Spokane Spokesman-Review, 2000

 Clarion personnel includes: Robert Spittal as Conductor; William Berry, Larry Jess, Eric Moe and Andy Plamondon on Trumpets; Kyle Wilbert, Charles Karschney, Roger Logan, and Kristin Joham on Horns; Holly Amend, Richard Strauch and Bill Foster on Trombones; Leonard Byrne on Tuba; and Paul Raymond on Percussion.


In addition to Clarion’s instrumental numbers, audiences will also enjoy five vocalists who are local favorites, previously seen on Spokane Civic Theatre’s stage: Abbey Crawford, Doug Dawson, Andrea Olsen, Darnelle Preston, and Jim Swoboda.



Sunday, December 21st at 7:00 P.M. at the Bing (901 W Sprague, Spokane).
Doors open at 6:00 P.M.


$20 for adults, $15 for students with ID
Tickets available at TicketsWest

Going Local: New Food and Beverage Options at Spokane Civic Theatre

mainstage concessions

New lighting at Civic’s Main Stage Concessions!

We’ve been busy!

If you’ve attended a show at Spokane Civic Theatre this season, you’ve most likely noticed we’ve been busy making a variety of changes in our concessions area, from new LED lighting and paint to updated archive photos and seating areas.

What you may not have noticed are the new local food and beverage offerings in our concessions area!

Partnering Local

As a community theatre, we have the great opportunity to partner with and support various local businesses throughout Spokane and surrounding areas. Through these partnerships, we are able to feature incredible local bakeries, wineries, breweries and other food establishments at our productions.

If you haven’t been to our concessions counters lately, here are two new products and local businesses you should come see:

Local Spokane Brewery: No-Li

Photo courtesy of No-Li

The Company: No-Li Brewhouse – Spokane, WA
The Products: “Rise and Grind” coffee ale and “Born and Raised” IPA

No-Li is synonymous with the Spokane area, and bringing on a couple of their beers resulted in one of the most positive vocal responses we’ve had in our concessions area.

No-Li is an internationally award-winning brewery headed by Brewmaster/co-owner Mark Irvin. No-Li prides itself in crafting Spokane-Style innovative beers made in Spokane, by Spokane residents, using ingredients sourced from within 300 miles of Spokane.

Look for more No-Li beers throughout the season!

Local bakery Deer Park Farmers Market!

Photo courtesy Deer Park Farmer’s Market.

The Company: Deer Park Farmers Market and Bakery – Deer Park, WA
The Products: Various baked goods, from huckleberry lemon bars to salted caramel stuffed brownie bites.

Located just north of Spokane, the Deer Park Farmers Market and Bakery truly embraces the spirit of local.

What drew us to the business is their exclusive use of simple, quality local ingredients, with a mission to support the many local farmers and food artisans in this area. We also love them because their products immediately transport you back to grandma’s kitchen.

Just ask our artistic director, Keith Dixon, about their caramel apple cheesecake bars – he ran off with the sample all to himself and refused to share! It was that good!

In addition to these two fantastic local businesses , we plan to feature many more local favorites throughout the rest of the season!

Partner with us!

Here at Civic, we’re always looking for new ways to add value to the live theatre experience. Do you own a bakery? A brewery? Would you like to partner with us and see your product featured at Spokane Civic Theatre for one or more of our shows? If so, contact Chris Beazer at cbeazer@spokanecivictheatre.com.

Even if your business has nothing to do with food, there are still a lot of ways your company can partner with Spokane Civic Theatre. Contact our Managing Director Marnie Rorholm at mrorholm@spokanecivictheatre.com to see how a partnership with the theatre can benefit your business today!

Civic Veteran Patrick Treadway is “Barrymore”

Patrick Treadway

Patrick Treadway    (Barrymore)

Spokane Civic Theatre veterans, Patrick Treadway, Todd Kehne, and Mary Starkey take on Interplayers Theatre’s latest production of Barrymore.

In this two-person play, we follow John Barrymore, a Hollywood legend, in 1942 – shortly before his death.

E.J. Iannelli provides a summary in his review in The Inlander‘s March 6-12 issue:

“An unabashed alcoholic, he had his lines spoon-fed to him via cue cards when he reached the point where he could no longer commit them to memory. He collapsed during a radio broadcast and soon died, at age 60, from cirrhosis of the liver and complications of pneumonia.

Todd Kehne

Todd Kehne (Frank)

When the curtain rises on William Luce’s 1996 play, directed at Interplayers by Mary Starkey, it isn’t John Barrymore in his early 20s we encounter, but rather a late-days Barrymore who wheel s in a drinks cart, reciting saucy limericks. He’s supposed to be preparing for a last-ditch theatrical revival of Richard III. But his inability to remember his lines or plug the stream of anecdotes (or indeed the jug) — despite the best efforts of his disembodied prompter, Frank (Todd Kehne) — is working against him.”

This very adult comedy was described by correspondent, Sandra Hosking in her March 5, 2014 Spokesman Review article, as “containing much humor, including fun word play and a few bawdy limericks.”

Mary Starkey

Mary Starkey (Director)

Larry Wooley, President of the Board, Spokane Civic Theatre, saw Barrymore over the weekend and shared:

“Being a fan of Mary Starkey, Patrick Treadway, and Todd Kehne I made it a must-see this season.  I suggest you do as well.  The laugh-out-loud rhythm of comedic timing between Todd & Patrick is absolutely worth every bit of admission.  Don’t miss this production!”

Barrymore closes this weekend, so get in to see this fantastic team at work!

(See more Treadway when he returns to Civic in the 2014-15 season, as director of The Servant of Two Masters.)