Civic’s 2014 – 2015 Theatre Season

Tradition! From the desk of Jim Humes

Wow! Civic’s 2014-2015 Season is right around the corner, and we have been busy getting ready to unveil next season’s brochure. Our design team at Design Spike, Inc. gave us a sneak preview of the new season’s artwork. If only I could share it with you, but what fun would that be? Perhaps I’ll let you see just one show….let me think about it. After all, we don’t want to give too much away. How about we show you a sneak peek at the season?

We are excited. Really excited.

2014 2015 Community Theatre Season at Spokane Civic Theatre

How It Works

And it all started with Art Director Todd Zyph of Design Spike meeting with photographer Chris Wooley of Heads & Tails Photography to conceptualize our branding for the 2014-2015 season. The collaboration worked. Following the superb graphic design of Ginny Baxter, the artist who did our design work prior to this season, wasn’t easy. She has a style that is truly her own, and when she decided to take a position with another company, it was time to change. We didn’t really want to, because we love Ginny and her work. But once Design Spike agreed to take on the task, we were on board. We prepared ourselves for a change. After all, change is good, right?

Fortunately, Todd and Chris found a groove. Between hitting Civic’s costume rental shop and costume department and finding the right volunteers (both professional and non-professional actors) for the photos, Todd and Chris captured some amazing images! Those images are now works of art.

Still Work To Be Done

While there is still work to be done – layouts, text, proofing, correcting, printing, mailing, distributing– our goal is recognition. We want all brochures, posters and all collateral materials to be recognizable as coming from Spokane Civic Theatre and we hope they serve as reminder to become a member or purchase a ticket. After all, our patrons are a part of live community theatre at its best.

Our Thanks

I would like to thank everyone (staff and volunteers) that helped with Spokane Civic Theatre’s new season look. Many hours have been donated by Design Spike®, Inc. and Heads & Tails Photography – and, honestly, we couldn’t ask for better community partners.

Whodunnit at Spokane Civic? See The Mousetrap and find out.

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap Reigns Supreme
with This Whodunnit

Chris Wooley of Heads & Tails sent us these images of The Mousetrap cast in action at Spokane Civic Theatre. So, who looks like the guilty one to you?

Was it Major Metcalf?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap006

He’s a retired army man who we don’t know much about.

Did Det. Sergeant Trotter have a menacing part to play?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap004

…or is he just there to interview the suspects?

 Could Miss Casewell or Mrs. Boyle have done it?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap005

… and what is that in Mrs. Boyle’s hand?!

Do Christopher Wren or Giles Ralston have something to hide?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap002

…I wouldn’t want to meet Giles Ralston in a dark alley with a scowl like that! Maybe he’s just mad someone was murdered in his guesthouse?

Will Det. Sergeant Trotter get to the bottom of it?

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap003

Mr. Paravicini looks a little worried here…

Spokane Civic The Mousetrap001

… but Mrs. Boyle and Giles Ralston seem pretty suspicious as well!

If you know the answer, be sure to keep it to yourself!

To find out whodunnit, come see the show! Tickets are selling quickly, so get them before they’re gone!

The longest running play of any genre!
See it while you can!
Main Stage
February 28 – March 16, 2014
By Agatha Christie
Directed by Wes Deitrick
Sponsored in part by TicketsWest
Agatha Christie has been a household name in murder mysteries throughout the decades. This is the world’s longest running play of any genre – over 61 years! Be prepared to experience the secret twist ending and shhh… don’t tell anyone after you leave!

2 for 1 – Christmas Schooner

Last weekend…
For the closing weekend of The Christmas Schooner

Dec 19 – Dec 22, we will offer two-for-one tickets with a recent ticket stub from any of the following local theatres:

Interplayers Theatre Stage Left Circle Moon Theatre
Blue Door Theatre Lake City Playhouse Jacklin Arts Center
Ignite Community Theatre Spokane Children’s Theatre Liberty Lake Community Theatre
Stage West Community Theatre Lilac City Performing Arts Theatre Arts for Children
Not-All-There Players

Available through the Civic box office only. Bring a recent ticket stub from one of the theatres listed above to 1020 N. Howard Street and purchase two-for-one tickets for Thur, Dec 19, Fri, Dec 20, Sat, Dec 21 or Sun, Dec 22.

The Christmas Schooner

Book by John Reeger
Music & Lyrics by Julie Shannon
Directed by Scott Doughty
Music Direction by Janet Robel
Choreographed by Ingrid LaVoie


Tickets: Adults $30, Senior/Military $28, Students $22. Spokane Civic Theatre Box Office, 1020 N. Howard Street, 509-325-2507


The Christmas Schooner is sponsored in part by Columbia Hearing Centers

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Never Enough Christmas Pageants

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever opens this weekend, Dec 14 – 15, 2013, at Spokane Civic Theatre. This is an Annual Scholarship Benefit Performance directed by Chris Taylor and the Sunday performance is the main event in our 6th Annual Scholarship Fund Benefit. There will be a silent auction at 6PM and desserts catered by Celebrations Bakery.

Tickets for the Saturday performances will be $10 for ages 13+ and $5 for ages 5-12. All tickets for the Sunday evening Scholarship Benefit show will be $15.

Performed by Academy students, ages 8 to 17.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Spokane Civic Theatre

What’s the play about? What is the overarching message?

This play is about 6 wild and rowdy kids called the Herdmans who infiltrate the yearly Christmas pageant. One of the kids learned that the minister gives out free desserts and that was all the Herdmans needed to hear. Because of their status as rough and tough kids, they get to bully their way into the main roles of the Christmas pageant (Mary, Joseph, the Angel of the Lord, etc.). All this suggests that this year’s pageant is going to be the worst ever, but, in a touching tribute to the true meaning of Christmas, the pageant ends up being the best Christmas pageant ever, and the Herdmans discover what it means to be selfless and caring.

What are the kid’s thoughts on the play?

The kids have really embraced their roles. I love how the actors are bringing a lot of humanity to their characters. These are kids in grades 3-8, so we’re not talking about kids with decades of stage experience, but they are really embracing why their characters say and do what they do without making them stereotypes or one-dimensional.

How does acting in a play like this influence the kids ? What makes theatre good for kids?

This is a great way for kids to gain experience with acting and public speaking, while at the same time having fun (hopefully :)) and giving back to their community. Many kids are afraid to raise their hand or go to the chalkboard in school because they’re afraid they’ll be wrong or get laughed at. For my money, this is the biggest obstacle that any student faces. These plays give kids the opportunity to gain confidence and not be afraid to make mistakes, which is the only way we grow.

How can we support the acting bug in the kids?

Some children have an instinctive desire to create and be on stage. Some don’t. It’s important as teachers and adults to recognize and support whatever aptitudes your child has. Don’t discourage your children from acting because you think it’s not a lucrative career hobby. Each child has their particular gifts.

Christmas Schooner: Meet Peter Stossel aka Bryan Agee

Journey on the Christmas Schooner With Us

Everyone looks forward to Christmas entertainment from the Charlie Brown Christmas to the Spokane Symphony’s Nutcracker to the Singing Nuns. Well, the theatre world is no different. Spokane Civic Theatre has chosen to celebrate the holiday season with a run of  a fairly new, less well known holiday musical, The Christmas Schooner. So, take  a journey with us and meet Peter Stossel otherwise known as Bryan Agee and find out what the Christmas Schooner is all about.

Headshot of Bryan Agee at Spokane Civic TheatreBryan:  The Christmas Schooner is loosely based on a true story from the late 19th century on the north shore of Lake Michigan. It’s about family, thankfulness, and the importance of traditions and leaving a legacy. It’s about rejoicing and enjoying your blessings, dealing with the pain of loss, and the delicate balance that those have in life.

Civic:   What is your role? How did you prepare for it? What other roles have you played?

Bryan: I am Captain Peter Stossel, the man who decides to start cutting and shipping the Christmas tress to Chicago. He is a family man, an entrepreneur, and a bit of an altruist.

Maybe this is a tad cliché, it feels like the role was written for me. I am a family man and entrepreneur, so I can directly relate to many of the conversations and tensions that happen where those intersect. Family businesses have very unique blessings and challenges–and my family has started a few. He is also head over heels for his wife, something else at which I have about a decade of practice.

Prior to this, I was the Bishop of Dinge and Legles in Les Miserables. Before that, I was the clock in Beauty and the Beast at Spokane Children’s Theatre.

 Civic:  What is the over arching message of Schooner?

Bryan: Life is full of joys and pains–live into them, and don’t be afraid to pursue your calling and/or serve others sacrificially. With it’s highs and lows, life is good.

Civic: What or who is your favorite character (besides yourself) in the production?

Head shot of Heidi Santaigo Spokane Civic TheatreBryan: That is a toss up. Alma (Peter’s wife) is a loving, strong, and slightly feisty character who really brings you into the story, and who you can’t help but love. She is obviously a pillar of the community, and a tireless servant (and she keeps a tidy and welcoming home). Gustav is Peter’s father, and provides a great deal of humor–sometimes very sage.

Civic: Any perfect moments where the audience should be on the lookout? Think Stars in Les Mis =)

Bryan: The two moments that really get me are:

1) half way through Act I when Peter is in the woods, wrestling with why he is so driven to undertake this trip (When I Look At You).

2) later in Act II when Alma and Gustav are struggling with how they each approach loss (Questions).

 Civic: What is your favorite part of the show?

Bryan: There is a really sweet scene between Peter and Alma that shows a window into their complete adoration of each other, and gives a great example of real life marriage–not one in a void, but one where both decide to choose loving each other continuously in the midst of whatever else life brings.

Time to Make Our Own Holiday Tradition

The Christmas Schooner

Book by John Reeger. Music & Lyrics by Julie Shannon. Directed by Scott Doughty. Music Direction by Janet Robel. Opens Nov 22 – Dec 22, 2013. So join us for this new holiday musical that follows the Christmas tree’s perilous journey into America’s homes and traditions. Notable musical numbers include: “We All Have Songs,” “Pass It On” and “Hardwater Sailors.” See you on Friday! Call 509.325.2507 to reach the box office and order your tickets or purchase them online. Happy Holidays!

 Image of the Christmas Schooner Billboard. Opening at Spokane Civic Theatre

Meet the Soul of Second Samuel

The People of Second Samuel

What makes Second Samuel work is plain old southern soul. It’s set in a time when life is slower and it’s set in the deep south where life is even slower. Everyone knows everyone and it’s everyone’s business to know your business. Eccentric characters that embody the small town style of living.  As Chris Taylor (you’ll read more about him in a minute) says, Second Samuel reminds us that “in all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and in our desire to multitask and be as productive and busy as possible, sometimes it’s a good idea to slow things down and put all of our attention and focus into one task, one moment, or one person. We should take the time to really listen to people. We should pick one task and give it our best effort. If we can do that, everything else will take care of itself.” And that is the soul of Second Samuel.

Opening this weekend at Spokane Civic Theatre on the Firth Chew Stage (entrance off of Dean), Pamela Parker’s Second Samuel plays from October 25th through November 24. Tickets are only $22 and can be purchased through Civic’s website, by phone: call 509.325.2507 to reach the box office or in person at the box office.

Second Samuel Play at Spokane Civic Theatre

June Cline

Played by Chris Taylor.

June is the town undertaker. As Second Samuel is a very small town, June takes great care in preparing bodies for their last respite. He’s quiet and introverted and the living make him a little nervous. June never leaves his funeral parlor or home – but when we first meet him, he has entered the town’s local brewery for a much needed adult beverage. Something VERY unexpected happened when June was preparing one of his bodies. What, do you ask? You’ll have to come to the show and see!

Mr. Mozel

Played by Ron Ford.

He is an ignorant man whose false security hides his own fear. His hatred of everything different than him comes out of his own self-loathing.

Mansel Dean

Played by Tom Sanderson.

My character is the guy next door. Ready to have a beer with you and laugh about the day’s events. But his simple views of life are challenged in this play. I’ve known a few people with these characteristics. I try to pull a little bit from each of them.

B Flat

Played by David Hardie.

B Flat is the soul of Second Samuel. He is this sweet kid who’s lived in this small town his whole life. He loves everyone he meets, and thinks this tiny town in Georgia is the greatest place on Earth. The most important thing so far has been B Flat’s physicality and how he carries himself. He walks through this town he loves so much with a clumsy grace I wish I had. He also smiles so much that by the end of a performance my cheeks hurt!

Omaha Nebraska

Played by Nicole Walker.

She owns a beauty salon. She’s bossy, gossipy, likes being in charge and talking. Tries to be in control of situations until the town secret comes to light and she can’t control the situation.

Marcella Dean

Played by Wendy Carroll.

Marsella is an opinionated, strong-willed farm woman who likes to think she can control her lazy, hard-drinking husband Mansel. Fiercely protective of B Flat, she joyfully butts heads with biased bully Jimmy Deeanne at every opportunity.


Played by Donna Kresse.

Ruby was born and raised in Second Samuel. Omaha hired her right after high school, so working at the hair salon is the only job she’s ever had. She’s sweet and kind, but never sticks up for herself, which drives her crazy. Unbeknownst to her friends, Ruby has a fiery side that she keeps well buried, that is, until the right opportunity presents itself.

Jimmy Deeanne

Played by Lindsay Teter.

Jimmy Deeanne is a spoiled Southern debutante. She’s always gotten what she wanted, and has never been told no. She’s married to the town pastor, Bobby, which further elevates her status in Second Samuel. However, Jimmy does have a human side she keeps hidden. She often feels pressured to live up to the “perfect” ideal she’s created for herself. Her family puts a lot of pressure on her to be the best, and this stresses her out. She covers that anxiety with a harsh attitude.

The Second Samuel Townfolk On Why You Need To See The Show

June Cline:It’s a reminder of a simpler time, when we were more focused on taking care of each other, and that wasn’t all bad

Mansel Dean: This play is worth seeing because it challenges our ability to see through outward appearance and love people for who they are.

B Flat: People should come expecting to be surprised. It’s a funny play, but it’s also got a tender heart that might catch people off guard.

Marsella Dean: Who wouldn’t want to hang out in Second Samuel? Seriously, though, if this group of quirky town folk can learn to accept differences in each other we can all learn something from them.

 Jimmy Deeanne: Second Samuel is a small show with a big heart. It has been wonderful to see this cast of both seasoned professionals and new-comers create something so rich.


Southern Comfort: Second Samuel Style

What the Heck is Second Samuel?

There is nothing like a little southern comfort and that is just what Second Samuel offers. Second Samuel is a moving play written by Pamela Parker which delves into small town southern living. We see the story play out from the point of view of B Flat who is a little slow and absolutely endearing. This is a time when the men hung out together at the bar, the women at a salon and times were slow and easy. But not that easy. When one of their own, the town’s most beloved piano teacher, dies, the small town folks are in for the surprise of their lives as deep and dark secrets come out. Trust us, this IS a comedy full of southern life complete with cantankerous characters, gossip and teaches us all a beautiful lesson of tolerance and love. Pay special attention to B Flat as he narrates the story and feel your heart melt, just a little bit.

Bring Us Some Boiled Peanuts

We sat down with direction Jhon Goodwin who you may remember as Vince Fontaine in last season’s Grease and who directed A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline as well. We had a few questions for him as everyone is curious to what life is like in Second Samuel land. Here’s what he had to say:

Civic: What made you want to direct it?
Goodwin: The story! From the first read I knew I had to do this one!! It is a wonderful look into a small southern town in the late 40’s and how they, and ultimately we, see and understand one another.

Civic: Since you are the director, how much input do you get in how the set and the costumes will look?
Goodwin:  In that area I am one lucky guy! I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with Matt Egan for the second time on my set (He was the brilliance behind the set of My production of “A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline” last year). Matt is absolutely open to input and is able to put my thoughts out exactly as I saw them in my head… Usually better! As for costumes, I have Ms Jen Birkey helping me out with those. From what I’ve seen so far, she has a keen eye for the time and place and is absolutely open to my input. I’m quite excited about the look of this one.

The set of Second Samuel still in progress

The set of Second Samuel still in progress

Civic: What are your favorite moments of the play?
Goodwin: It is an Ensemble piece and as cheesy as it sounds there are more great little moments than I can name here. This cast is finding new and amazing stuff constantly!

Civic:  Why should we come and see this play?
Goodwin: The CAST! The story! I truly believe this one is going to impress. From some of the most experienced actors in the area to some brand new faces to the Civic stage, I am wildly lucky to have folks who are creative, have truly impressive instincts, and are willing to take chances with their characters. Truly brave actors.

Civic:  Which character is your favorite?
Goodwin: Yeah, wouldn’t that start a fight… Ha! My answer is actually Ms. Gertrude. She is the catalyst for all the other character’s discoveries.

Civic: What’s it like to direct a play set in the 40s, in the deep south? I mean, you live in Spokane, man. It’s not like folks up here know what a boiled peanut is, let alone tastes like. How do you coax southern out of your cast?
Goodwin: That is the trick, isn’t it? At least some of the play deals with southern understanding from that time and its’ treatment of those different from us. At least some of the cast have experienced the deep south. My Dad is actually from Water Valley, Mississippi which is about as deep south as it gets. Having been to a couple family reunions/Chitlin’ Feeds, I have at least a tentative understanding. We work hard at feeling the slowness and ease of the rural south.

Goodwin: And Thanks for the idea!! I gotta find where I can find some boiled peanuts for them!

Southern Comfort Come on Down

So, there you have it. Just a bunch of plain ol’ normal folks, doing what they do, living life and learning to make all the right choices. And just to tempt you…a little bit:

There was a time not  so very long ago when folks was different than they are nowadays….Everybody said yes ma’am and yes sire and they meant it!….Wadn’t long after the big one, W.W. II! The men come back home from whuppin’ ol’ Adolf Hitler, the women quit their jobs in the factories and the children finally got to meet this man called “daddy” they’d only heard about up until now! Oh, it was an excitin’ time!

Second Samuel runs Oct 25 – Nov 24, 2013 with curtain times at Thurs – Sat: 7:30 P.M. and Sun: 2:00 P.M. Our many thanks to Kathie Doyle-Lipe of State Farm and Dr Yarbro for the sponsorship and support.




Les Miserables, of Service to Others

Serve Those Who Serve You

It’s easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of the world, that without the people who make up our educational system, healthcare system and food services, we would be in some serious trouble. From every level within an organization, it is the people within that organization that makes it work. We felt it time to honor them and give back to our community. Remember, this community serves us so we have a need need to serve them as well. In conjunction with Northwest Neurological PLLC, we created a special “thank you” night dedicated to the people that provide services to us (health, education and food services). What makes this night so special, is that those people in the service industry have a chance to see Les Miserables for only $5. The benefit night was sold out in a matter of days.

Flyer for Les Mis Benefit night

Those Who Serve Us, Care for Us

We should be honoring the service industry. Think about it. When was the last time you visited a care facility like a hospital or an assisted living facility? All of those wonderful people work together to take care of you or your loved ones. Have you eaten at a restaurant and then thanked the person that washed the dishes you ate off of? How about the janitor who had a part in your child’s education? Some of those people that may not have the means to pay for a full price ticket to Les Miserables. Maybe they have never seen live theatre. This evening is to celebrate them.

It is the Music of the People Who are Rising to the Light

The director of Les Miserables, Douglas Webster brought this concept to the table. We wanted to express appreciation to the workers whose contributions to everyday life are sometimes overlooked yet impact each of us – our families – our friends – our community in some way. In order to make this happen, we needed partners. Northwest Neurological PLLC liked the idea and agreed to sponsor in part, a portion of the costs. Music Theatre International also understood our goal and offered us the rights for Les Miserables at a special rate. The cast and crew were excited to be a part of this giving back to the community. Without their buy in – we would not have been able to make this happen!


Theatre Love: Anything Goes Comes Spokane’s Way

Any Theatre In Spokane Is Good Theatre

Spokane is a theatre kind of town. Really. You’ve got Ignite Community Theatre, SCC Players and SFCC Spartan Theatre, Interplayers Lake City Playhouse and Spokane Children’s Theatre to name just a few. Spokane even gets its fair share of national tours thanks to the Best of Broadway series. And here is the kicker….this is how we know Spokane loves theatre. Seats get filled. Shows get sold out. Spokane comes to see live theatre, a lot! This year, Civic started off their season with Les Miserables, Interplayers with Brighton Beach Memoirs and Best of Broadway will be opening with Anything Goes. We like highlighting theatre events in our community and with the opening for Anything Goes right around the corner, we had a chance to ask one of the Anything Goes cast members a few questions. We thought we would share them with you!

Meet Alex Finke

Anything Goes

Alex plays “Hope Harcourt”, theatre credits include: Fiddler on the Roof (Tzietel), Legally Blonde (Serena) at MTWichita, Tarzan (Jane), Lend Me a Tenor (Maggie), at WagonWheel.

What is Anything Goes about?

Anything Goes is a tale of hi-jinx on high seas! The show takes place on board the S.S. American bound for England. Hope Harcourt is a debutant engaged to marry an Englishman, but trouble begins when it is discovered that the man Hope loves, Billy Crocker, has stowed away on the ship. There are love triangles, gangsters in disguise, an evangelist night club singer, mistaken identities, quick changes and general hilarity throughout the entire show.

Tell us why Spokane should see Anything Goes.

Spokane should come to the show because it is a show with something everyone will love. It’s got the classic Cole Porter score paired with phenomenal dance numbers and it’s so upbeat and happy. It’s a show that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Tell us about the set (we are always curious about this part!)

The set is the S.S. American. It encompasses the entire stage and is bright white. The first scene of the show takes place in a dark bar so when the curtain reveals the ship with the sailors singing on deck it’s really a breathtaking moment.

What about costumes (another favorite of ours)?

The costumes of Anything Goes are a very special element of the production. The tour is actually dedicated to the late Martin Pakledinaz. Anything Goes was one of the final shows he designed and his work on this show (as well as his many others) is simply incredible. The way everything moves and catches the light is stunning. The costumes are so elegant and give true character to the piece. I wish I could give a sneak peak but you’ll just have to come see the show!

What is the watch for it moment of the production?

Audiences should get ready for the act 2 opening number “Blow, Gabriel, Blow.” It is a show-stopper!!

Coming Up in the Spokane Theatre Scene

So thank you Spokane for supporting theatre in our community. Now go out there and see a show! More interviews from other theatres in our community and from Civic coming up!

Les Miserables – let the countdown begin

The Countdown to Les Miserables Had Begun

For the first time a community theatre in Spokane has the opportunity to bring Les Misérables to the stage and we are so incredibly excited about this regional premier. Civic theatre was selected as one of eight community theatres in the nation to produce and present Les Misérables. This is one of the largest productions Spokane Civic Theatre has ever undertaken and we are bringing some of the most amazing regional talent to the stage. With less than a day until Les Mis opens, we thought we’d bring you some fun stats for the production.

les miserables the revolution

Les Miserables Stats (on the Civic stage):

  • 41 cast members, half of whom have never appeared on a civic stage before, all of whom sing like angels (we’re not biased, are we?)
  • 8 running crew
  • 4 dressers
  • 3 sound techs
  • 2 spotlights
  • 1 light board operator
  • 1 stage manager (who kindly donated most of the information for this blog post!)
  • 7 racks of costumes
  • An entire rack of shoes

Les Mis is an Opera and Therefore a Story

According to Tia Wooley, stage manager for the production, “It’s an opera. There are, like,  three spoken lines and each of those lines has three words or less.” And here is Tia’s synopsis of the show. (PS it is kind of nice to know the back story before you get to the theatre, so pass it on.):

Man steals loaf of bread to feed his sister’s starving children, gets arrested, does 19 years (he keeps trying to escape, therefore racks up more time.). Once he gets out, he can’t find work, tries to steal from a man of God and gets caught. However, the man of God, gives him the silver he was trying to steal, and tells him to turn his life around. He does by hiding all evidence that he was a prisoner and hiding from the law. He becomes a wealthy business man and mayor of a town all the while, the guard from his prison days is tracking him. The prisoner/mayor rescues a woman who had worked for him and who he inadvertently fired. As she is dying, he promises to rescue her daughter from evil innkeepers. Later, the prison guard recognizes him, and tries to arrest him, but the prisoner/mayor escapes after the rescued woman dies and goes to rescue her daughter as he had promised. He does and they go into hiding. Years pass, then the daughter falls in love, there is a big battle (and we mean big) during which he saves the man his friend’s daughter fell in love with as well as the prison guard. Note: quite a few things happen after this point but to tell them would potentially ruin your evening of theatre.

Spokane Civic Theatre Les miserables

Come, See the Show and Be Miserable With Us

More from Tia:

This is a huge production for any theatre. Civic has pulled in Doug Webster, who has the unique perspective of having actually had a conversation with one of the show’s writers. His vision is amazing and the actors are excited to see it unfold in front of your eyes! The Music Director is phenomenal. Eric Little is from Portland, and he is coaxing the nuances of the music of Les Misérables so it hits every chord in your heart. You will probably cry, so pack tissue! This show will appeal to the theatre and non-theatre people. It’s amazing. Simply amazing. You will feel this show throughout your entire body. I challenge you to watch it and not feel it.

Les Misérables September 20th through October 20th. Curtain Times: Thurs – Sat: 7:30 P.M. and Sun: 2:00 P.M. Call the Box Office at 509-325-2507 to schedule your night of amazement. We hope you enjoy the show.